blackbell miami

The BlackBell Agency Reviews Miami Expansion

The BlackBell Agency anchored in the heart of Manhattan is at it again! The outsourced marketing, fundraising, and sales company has experienced consistent growth during 2015 by expanding its portfolio of clients and expanding its territorial reach for existing clients.

The BlackBell Agency in New York, NY has had the honor to represent a world-renowned Forbes listed e-commerce industry leading client in the stationery field in the Northeast and recently announced plans to represent the client in the Miami, FL market. Top Executive Samantha Johnston has been selected alongside five top marketing and sales representatives to go on a week business trip to the Downtown Miami area for market research. The results of this trip will help The BlackBell Agency to review and evaluate the market potential and see if it is a viable and profitable market to enter permanently.

“An opportunity has opened up and we’re always ready for a challenge,” said Managing Director Antoine Bell. “Our team already has a tremendous amount of experience working with the e-commerce sector, and we are going to be growing their presence in the Miami market at a fast pace.”

Keep looking out for more news and reviews from The BlackBell Agency in the next 24 months as the company continues its record-setting expansion throughout North America, South America, and Europe.


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